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When you change your focus from limitations to boundless possibilities, from doubt and fear to love and confidence, you open your world in entirely new ways.
-Baron Baptiste

This is a powerful program inspired by Baron Baptiste, author of 40 Days to Personal Revolution, consisting of yoga, meditation and nutrition challenges. If you are looking to build a strong yoga practice, change old habits and create new ways of living this program will motivate and support your journey. This transformational program led by Zach Shortway will guide you to new levels of health, self inquiry, clarity and growth.

Program Requirements:

  • Yoga: Practice yoga 6 days a week (5 in-studio).

  • Meditation: Begin and deepen your daily meditation practice.

  • Meetings: Attend one group meeting a week.

  • Mindful Eating: Learn principles to cleanse your body, along with a specific eating plan, including a three day cleanse.

  • Read “40 Days to Personal Revolution" by Baron Baptiste.


Registration for this program is FREE. You simply pay for your yoga. The best way to do that is to become a Sthira Sukha Yoga Unlimited Auto-Renew Member ($90 per month).

New to Sthira Sukha Yoga? Your first month as an unlimited member is only $40.