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at Sthira Sukha Yoga

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Flow-damentals - Workshop
Coming soon!

This workshop will focus on the fundamentals of a variety of poses and transitions. This workshop is great for anyone new to yoga, beginners, as well as experienced practitioners looking to get back to the basics. This is a 90 minute semi-heated practice with discussion/demonstration breaks and in-depth alignment instruction. $25 for non-members. $10 for members.

Album #1 of the Vinyl Vinyasa Series at Sthira Sukha Yoga:

Dark Side of the Half Moon Pose
Coming soon!

Thats right folks; Pink Floyd, yoga, and lasers. This event includes a 60 minute semi-heated yoga practice set to flow with the melodic master piece that is Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Class will be followed by an informal community meet and greet. $25 for non-members. $5 for members.